The word Caravan has many international connotations, but there is one common theme- and that is travel- something that is evident when you step into this chic and elegant home furnishing and design store in New Canaan, Connecticut. Caravan Curated Home is inimitable, because owner Vanessa Bikindou combines her different skills, culture, and experience into the business. The result, an effortlessly stylish and inviting interior housing unusual vintage items and luxurious pieces, all of which appeal to the seasoned traveler. 

Caravan presents you with inspirational living spaces, featuring staged furnished rooms, contemporary furniture, imported textiles and goods from Morocco, renovations, and custom upholstery. Caravan houses exquisite artists, jewelers, appliance brands, and furnitures that blend together to meet your taste. With new consignments arriving daily, tasteful items are constantly changing. This creates a vibrant and dynamic infusion of treasured finds. The space is the epitome of cool, and we invite you to sit, stay, and enjoy the jazz music.