Pennsylvania-based home appliance manufacturer renowned for its retro design and innovative detail which appeals to those seeking to make a statement with style and color in their kitchen space. 

Orion and Thom, founders of Big Chill decided to bring the Retro fridge, one of their first designs, to the public. It was a big risk basing a business on such a uniquely styled product, and they didn’t stop with just a singular design. Orion curated a palette of vintage-inspired colors for the fridge, an innovative idea in an industry landscape dominated by neutral tones and a trend at the time to hide appliances behind cabinetry-like doors. He took memorable colors inspired by cars and kitchens of the 50s, brightened them for an even bolder take, and made them part of the Original Size Retro’s style.

If Orion had one goal with his designs, it was to bring cheer to the heart of the home. Big Chill’s Retro Line made kitchens memorable. Made guests feel welcome. He wanted to bring that same experience to people interested in other era-inspired designs. Thus product selection expanded into lines that included sleek, contemporary detail, colors both bold and subtle and inspiration gathered from industrial-chic movementBig Chill continues to be an industry leader in design and color today, with innovative products in a range of styles and sizes coming to market regularly. Orion still believes in craftsmanship and quality. 

A favorite of architects and interior designers, German manufacturer Badeloft offers luxurious free standing tubs and sinks in clean and modern lines. 

Each and every bathtub and sink manufactured by Badeloft is distinctly made with the unique components of high-quality stone resin. They manufacture stone resin mineral baths and sinks in a versatility of sizes and shapes, accommodating the most intimate of boudoirs and the grandest of master bathrooms.

Let the quality and beauty of products offered by Badeloft convince you that you have made the right choice…when you choose to furnish your most intimate settings with Badeloft products, we are choosing a lifetime of sensuality and comfort.

Let the quality and beauty of Badeloft USA products convince you … we know you’ll love them.


 Caravan houses exclusives of Jean Paul Gaultier's signature home design pieces. We have some of this best and iconic pillows and throws, sure to make a statement in any room. 

From the uniform of the masses to the dreamlike fashions showcased in his runway shows, Jean Paul Gaultier remains convinced that fashion will always have a special place in our lives: “It’s about a need for visual recognition, staking a claim.” But the couturier refuses to be defined as either political or provocative. A man of conviction, he sees himself more as a revolutionary, systematically calling into question clichés, standards, codes, conventions and traditions. He turns, shifts and flips them around - even destroys them - in his bid to reinvent them.


French home goods, American customer service! A chic, decorative, and timeless look for your home, directly from the finest supply houses of France and Italy made in the US. Kenisa Homes specializes in reasonable priced window treatments, coordinated pillows, throws, and bed linens. Because of their extensive contacts, they deal directly with the finest mills and manufacturers in France, Italy, Spain, and England.